Here are a few real viola pop music titles that exemplify the diversity and innovation within the genre: These titles represent just a small sampling of the diverse and innovative music being created within the realm of real viola pop. … Read more
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  • LAND OF THE LOVING (David Benoit)
    Release in 1985, “Land of the Loving” is the 3rd track of David Benoit’s studio album “THIS SIDE UP” which was produced by Jeffrey Weber. Diane Reeves is the vocalist for this song, the only one that has a vocal … Read more
  • AIR SUPPLY : The One That You Love
    The One That You Love is the sixth album by British/Australian soft rock duo Air Supply, released in 1981. The album became their most famous and successful in their career. It reached No. 10 in Australia and the United States. Overview The … Read more
  • The Last Time I’ll Fall In Love
    Eric Benét’s soulful ballad “The Last Time I’ll Fall in Love,” featured on his 2005 album “Hurricane,” stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and the human spirit. Co-written by Benét alongside renowned songwriter and producer David … Read more
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