21 | 05 | 2019
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How much will it cost for a quartet to play at the church and reception?

Since the rates vary, depending on factors like proximity of wedding venue, etc.,
it would be best to discuss these in person or over the phone.

What will you be wearing?

Our standard attire is barong tagalog for men and white blouse and black skirt for women.

Will you provide the sound system?

The couple has to provide the sound system, although we could recommend providers of sound system.

The reception hall has no piano. Can you bring one?

We can bring an electronic keyboard free of charge.

Should we provide food for the musicians?

If we are required to play music at the church rites only, food is not necessary. If we are required to play music only at the reception, food may not be provided us, but we would ask for food allowance. If we are to play at the church and reception, then food should be provided.

Some of our friends want to sing in the church and/or in the reception. Could you play for them?

By all means. But we need to coordinate with them to ensure a ‘harmonious’ performance.

What if they want a rehearsal?

We will rehearse with them ( no charge ) an hour before the start of the wedding. If they want extra rehearsal prior to the wedding date, there will be a rehearsal fee.

We have a song which we liked to be performed on our wedding, but it isn’t in your repertoire. Could you still play it?

We try to accommodate such requests, but we would need enough time, at least a month before the wedding, and a taped recording and / or music score of that song.

How many songs will you be playing at the church and reception?

For the pictorial right after the wedding mass, the couple may choose 5 to 6 songs. For the reception, they may list down around twenty songs.

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